Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing 21-year-old, Brit crooner, Sam Smith, at the Sinclair. Looking dapper with his undercut, hipster hairstyle, Smith shyly smiled at the crowd and introduced himself as being “from one Cambridge to another,” alluding to his hometown’s proximity to the original Cambridge. Smith opened with “Nirvana,” off of his […]


Exactly one week ago, poet-activist Andrea Gibson graced Boston with her stirring presence at the Middle East Downstairs. Popular in the slam poetry circuit, Gibson performs intricate spoken word poetry often accompanied by light music. Her poems mainly tackle social justice issues, varying from LGBTQ rights to anti-violence to racial equality. Gibson’s poetry does not […]


Yuna is just one of those artists who sounds better live than recorded.  Don’t misunderstand me, her pre-recorded songs are amazing, but her stunning live performance grabs onto the soul of each individual song.  This Malaysian singer-songwriter stole the hearts of all in attendance at Brighton Music Hall this past Thursday night.  It was not […]


There’s a bunch of great stuff happening in the music world right now that combines electronic music and old-school hip-hop.  This trend (a la Flume) is exemplified exquisitely on a newly released track called “Humphrey,” a collaboration between EDM king A-Trak and Harlem rapper Cam’ron.  The song overlays a soulful, upbeat sample, and trots along […]


I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Chloe Chaidez, nineteen-year-old lead singer of the band Kitten.  While her youth is often what stuns people, Chloe’s raw sound transcends age and speaks for itself.  TIME Magazine named Kitten’s album Like A Stranger one of eleven albums to look forward to in 2013 HERE.  When Kitten […]

Rihanna ballad gets glitchy, trippy reworks

Rihanna’s songs are some of the most remix-worthy thumpers out there.  Though her summer anthem “Stay” is already a great song by itself, it has since been touched by the hands of several musical geniuses. The Them Jeans remix is a cosmic little thing, easy on the ears, and the closest of all the remixes […]


Ever since I heard “The Mother We Share” about a year ago, I’ve been in love with Scottish synthpop geniuses CHVRCHES.  They’ve perfected the art of being listenable, smooth, and emotional with their debut album, The Bones of What You Believe. Of the many brilliant tracks featured on the album, “Tether” quickly stood out to me […]


I stumbled upon this song a la Majestic Casual, who is arguably YouTube’s most fabulous music blogger.  With daily uploads and over 700 videos on the site, Majestic posts tripped out, chill-wave, electronica from a plethora of up-and-coming artists and remixers.  The videos themselves feature some sort of translucent picture of a willowy female, as […]

Boy In A Movie creates ambient dreamscape with release of new EP

Though little information is known about the UK-based Boy In A Movie, one thing is certain: his music is abound with heartfelt lushness and ambient sampling.  His SoundCloud-released EP, Thunder, embodies the unique finesse of Flume and the textural quality of Blackbird Blackbird to create a delicious 22-minute dreamscape. It’s completely worth putting on repeat […]

If you're not listening to Charli XCX or Kitten, you're doing something wrong

If you’re not listening to Charli XCX or Chloe Chaidez of Kitten, you’re missing out on two of the most incredible chicks in the music industry.  These ladies not only have amazing musical sensibility, but they also possess a demanding and feisty stage presence, creating a really fun live entertainment environment. Kitten recently opened for […]