I’m not one for sappy posts (who am I kidding? I’m the queen of nostalgia), but here are a few of my fondest memories over the past year that I’ve had the privilege to work at BU Central: Meeting Cults Working the Das Racist show (not necessarily the fondest, but it definitely the most exciting) Having people […]

Unarguably, this has been a fantastic semester here at BU Central! We’ve had some pretty great acts grace our stage in the past (Cults, Chiddy Bang, Young the Giant, Four Year Strong, DJ Questlove, Bad Rabbits, Manchester Orchestra, Killer Mike, George Watsky, etc….just to name a few) but I’m pretty sure having two headliners with […]

When you’re not enjoying one of our amazingly free LIVE events, you should be hitting up the legendary venues within your reach right off of the Charles River Campus.  Here are some of the shows I’m looking forward to this semester with a few tracks by some of the artists below. There are tons of […]

Yes, I am still a part of the dying breed that pays attention to Grammy Nominations and gets infuriated when they continue to nominate artists based on catchy hooks over true talent. I should be used to it by now, but I think that my old age is starting to get to me and I […]

Hoorah! We’ve survived yet another season of midterms. If you’re a freshman, congrats on completing your first set of midterms! Only seven more semesters to go! If you’re like me, or most college students, you’re probably celebrating your accomplishments. Allow me to provide the soundtrack to your soiree. You may notice a common theme among […]

After having my phone (Samsung Galaxy S I) for a year and nine months, I have finally taken it upon myself to explore the apps that came pre-loaded on my android. Surprisingly, I actually found something I liked! I’m usually not one for streaming radio stations/playlists, but Slacker Radio has changed that mentality for good. I […]

Only in the ’90s was is it acceptable (or at least tolerated) for males in the public eye to rock frosted tips (Justin Timberlake), backwards clothes (Kriss Kross), and extremely sexual music videos (112’s Peaches and Cream video). Yet, despite their fashion faux pas and raunchy ways, we loved them dearly and would kill to get their cassette […]

Even when I was a teen, I was always yearning for the return of the classics from my generation and also took to referring to every past event as the “good ‘ol days” even if it was just one day since those good times had passed. Basically, I was born nostalgic. I’m the biggest comeback […]

I don’t know why I didn’t jump on the Frank Ocean train a long time ago like the rest of my Tumblr followers, but now I’m a band-wagoner and I have absolutely no shame in admitting it. channel ORANGE is one of the best albums of the year (Don’t believe me? Even Pitchfork agrees!) and Frank is […]

..Finals time! I’m sure you’re all as eager as I am to dive into those textbooks and cram a semester’s worth of coursework into your brain in under a week (I’m really not that eager). Don’t worry, I understand. And to ease your stressful minds, here is an assortment of soothing and upbeat songs to […]