Neon Jungle

If you’ve ever listened to and enjoyed Icona Pop, Kesha, or dance music in general, then you should definitely check out Neon Jungle. The Britain based girl band is double the size and though they only just got together last year, they’re already making themselves a household name. So far, they have three singles out and are working […]

300x300 (1)

The Bots are a unique musical duo that cannot be easily placed into a single, specific genre, which means their music appeals to anyone and everyone. It also means that you should pause what you’re listening to and check out a song from their most recent EP, Sincerely Sorry. Others have described The Bots’ sound […]


Some children are born with the desire to play music, while others are “strongly encouraged” by their parents; but, often times, there’s one moment that can transform that desire for music into a passion. For Wiley Webb, that moment came after attending his first rave in the ninth grade called Monster Massive. “Seeing electronic music […]


Soon, the horror that is known as midterms will be over. Spring break is just around the corner to welcome us with open arms. When it does, I’ll be blasting Betty Who through the streets of San Francisco. Who is a 22-year-old Australian native that has recently graced America with her presence. She released her EP, The […]


A yearly BU Central tradition, Battle of the Bands brings some of BU’s most talented bands to the stage to play their best original songs. Audience members vote on their favorites, the tallies are counted, and the year’s new BOTB winners are chosen! This year’s bands are: Titans of Industry Paul Coppola Houseguests […]


If you’re looking for an uplifting, positive-spirited song, you have found the right place, for I have not been able to stop listening to this song (or the album) for the past three weeks. Eli “Paperboy” Reed is an American soul and R&B singer from our very own Beantown. This particular song was released in […]


Whether you’re going out on a Friday night or just need a mid week pick-me-up, “Latch” is the song is listen to. After being influenced by one of my roommates to get into synth pop, I quickly discovered the group Disclosure. The duo are actually brothers from the UK and have risen to fame quite […]