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2013 was quite a year for Hip Hop/Rap music. Pretty much every major name in the rap game came out with an album. From Jay-Z to Eminem, we were blessed to hear some new music from the people we love to hear music from. But, if 2013 was the year for the big dogs, then let […]


Last week BU Hip Hop released its first mixtape – BUHH Vol. 1: The ILL Rhetoric. It holds 16 songs, over 20 rappers, and several different flows. You’ll be surprised as to how good this mixtape actually is. And I say that just because Hip Hop isn’t always at the forefront of Boston University’s culture. To […]

Frank & Dependent, Hall of Mirrors, Brazil spook up Phoenix Landing

Three songs deep into their October 29th set at Phoenix Landing, Frank & Dependent singer Jane Fitzsimmons leaned into the mic to coyly introduce her band: “We are Insane Clown Posse.” While it was more of an acknowledgment of the evening’s theatrics—almost every act that performed that night was clad in black and white skull […]

Probably my favorite part of working at BU Central is the LIVE: series that we host. We’ve brought in some incredible artists since we’ve opened back in 2006 (Tristan Prettyman, Ra Ra Riot, Young the Giant, Das Racist, Cults, and Oh Land, just to name a few). Even just thinking back on this year, we’ve […]

Unarguably, this has been a fantastic semester here at BU Central! We’ve had some pretty great acts grace our stage in the past (Cults, Chiddy Bang, Young the Giant, Four Year Strong, DJ Questlove, Bad Rabbits, Manchester Orchestra, Killer Mike, George Watsky, etc….just to name a few) but I’m pretty sure having two headliners with […]

I noticed this kid carrying a guitar case into his room as he moved in to my left. Damn, I thought, there go my chances of being the single swoon-worthy serenader of sixteen-A, Warren Towers. His dad followed behind him, lugging an amp that pushed more watts than mine for sure. And once I heard […]

Another week, another post from me spotlighting my three current favorite songs. Let’s make this a LIVE EDITION just for the hell of it, yeah? First up is Haim, recent winners of the BBC’s Sound of 2013 music industry poll . Performing new track “Falling,” the band is a joy to watch as they let […]

I know, I know; you’re stressed. You had four papers due this week and eleven midterms and sixty-two chemistry problem sets and then your car caught on fire and you broke your leg after you tripped over your shoelaces (even though you were wearing flip-flops), and life just sucks. But given the option, which would you […]

Last Saturday some of Boston’s finest local bands threw down in the final round of our Battle of the Bands series and out emerged Frank & Dependent as this year’s victor. The band has been steadily on the rise on the BU scene over the past few months, so it’s about time all y’all got […]