Neon Jungle

If you’ve ever listened to and enjoyed Icona Pop, Kesha, or dance music in general, then you should definitely check out Neon Jungle. The Britain based girl band is double the size and though they only just got together last year, they’re already making themselves a household name. So far, they have three singles out and are working […]


Whether you’re going out on a Friday night or just need a mid week pick-me-up, “Latch” is the song is listen to. After being influenced by one of my roommates to get into synth pop, I quickly discovered the group Disclosure. The duo are actually brothers from the UK and have risen to fame quite […]

Boy In A Movie creates ambient dreamscape with release of new EP

Though little information is known about the UK-based Boy In A Movie, one thing is certain: his music is abound with heartfelt lushness and ambient sampling.  His SoundCloud-released EP, Thunder, embodies the unique finesse of Flume and the textural quality of Blackbird Blackbird to create a delicious 22-minute dreamscape. It’s completely worth putting on repeat […]

James Blake comes thru but Drake can't handle it

So Drake came thru (ha) with one of the biggest releases this year and people ate that shit up. Personally, I thought it was an improvement from Take Care, but it had the potential to be so much more. FOR EXAMPLE: He decided it was a good idea to release the lame-ass version of “Come Thru” instead […]

Mercury Prize winner entrances House of Blues

The stage was masked in an ethereal purplish blue haze, highlighting Rob McAndrews’ guitar and sampler, Ben Assiter’s drumkit, and James Blake’s keys and synth. At 9:04 P.M. last Tuesday, “And Holy Ghost” gradually started playing and the cries of the giant mass of people filling the House of Blues were answered by the lights and […]

Frank & Dependent, Hall of Mirrors, Brazil spook up Phoenix Landing

Three songs deep into their October 29th set at Phoenix Landing, Frank & Dependent singer Jane Fitzsimmons leaned into the mic to coyly introduce her band: “We are Insane Clown Posse.” While it was more of an acknowledgment of the evening’s theatrics—almost every act that performed that night was clad in black and white skull […]

Artists to Watch: London Grammar

The musical love child of The xx, Florence + the Machine and Lana del Rey is incarnated in the spare, soulful, powerhouse sound of Brit trio London Grammar. The budding indie-pop band recently released their debut album, If You Wait, after spending a few years gaining industry traction. Already, they’ve developed major street cred by […]

James Blake vs. Sampha

James Blake. Age? 25. Origin? London, England. Active years? 2009 to the present Sampha. Age? 24.  Origin? London, England. Active years? 2009 to the present The general biographies of the English vocalists James Blake and Sampha are eerily similar. They are extremely close in age, they rep the same city and they have been active […]

Song of the Moment: "Love Ballad" - Tove Lo

It’s midterms time (at least for me), and I thought I’d share with you a wonderful song to start your day. “Love Ballad” by Tove Lo has been on repeat for me over the past two days. I play it when I’m studying, at the gym, walking to class, doing homework, what have you. It’s upbeat and […]

Artists to Watch: ON AN ON

This new trio, formed from the remnants of former indie rock band Scattered Trees, has been buzzing in my headphones the last few months. Give In, ON AN ON‘s debut album, came out at the top of the year and failed to make the critical splash it deserves. The band’s mix of retro melodies on top […]