“Are you an angel,” one audience member asked in the dead silence after humble Irish singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow performed “Red Dust,” his (at the time) unreleased song. I remember two years ago seeing Dublin native, James Vincent McMorrow, play in Milwaukee, WI – the lights were dim and impeccable guitar, piano, and soulful falsetto […]

Unreleased Drake video finds its way online

Drake’s songs are entertaining, his albums are well-thought-out, and his music is great. There’s no questioning any of that, but his music videos can always be better. Last week, Mikael Columbu released the visuals intended for Drake’s song “We’ll Be Fine.” The song is from Drake’s Take Care album, which was released back in 2011. Columbu is known for his […]


Pharrell’s song “Happy” is the happiest video of all time, and if you don’t feel that way the first couple of hours than just keep watching. The music video is 24-hours long. Yes, 24-hours long. It’s an interactive music video that loops the four minute song over and over for 24 hours. It can be […]

February may have just dumped two feet of snow on Boston, but that’s not all the month has to offer. It’s barely a week in and already there’s tons of great new music to jam to. James Blake’s haunting trance music makes a return to our ears with “Retrograde,” which was accompanied by this delightfully […]

GROUPLOVE has one of the strangest stories I have researched. They are an indie rock band that formed in 2010 within the five friends. Where did they meet? Oh, I don’t know… Crete. Crete, as in Greece, as in not even here. On a commune. They met on a commune and made music. What? But […]

Credits to the title go to my punny boyfriend, who is just as crazy about this band as I am. I’ve got to say that I am disappointed in myself for being a week late with this post. Yes, I wrote about Kimbra, my audio fixation for the past couple of months, but my allegiance is always […]

 had her believing it was always something that she’d done. But I don’t wanna live that way, and you shouldn’t either. Kimbra is widely known for her American debut in the Gotye song Somebody That I Used To Know. Now, I am not here to debate whether the song is great or not; I personally […]

Hey yall, Welcome to the first Tuesday Blog of 2012! (I actually just wrote 2011, and had to go back to change it… I’ll probably be doing that until May). EDIT: HEY I JUST REALIZED THIS IS THE 200th BU CENTRAL BLOG POST – SAY WHAAAATTT!?!?! It’s already been a month, but I think it’s […]

It was only a few shorts days ago when Beyonce premiered the music video for new single “Countdown”….and now a preview for an imminent “Love on Top” video has surfaced. Their close proximity to each other may be a tad bizzare, but I’m certainly not complaining. She likely just wanted to record several before her […]

Yelle makes my life. Unconventionally-named band members Yelle, GrandMarnier, and Tepr make up the popular French band and consistently create incredible pop music that skews dance and electro. It’s virtually impossible to listen to their music without swaying your hips and flailing every single one of your limbs. Their beats are irresistible. My skills in […]