Rihanna ballad gets glitchy, trippy reworks

Rihanna’s songs are some of the most remix-worthy thumpers out there.  Though her summer anthem “Stay” is already a great song by itself, it has since been touched by the hands of several musical geniuses. The Them Jeans remix is a cosmic little thing, easy on the ears, and the closest of all the remixes […]

Mashup Monday: "Safe in Silence" - Dr. Brixx

Thank goodness for modern technology. Without it, we’d be without this awesome mix of two great songs. “Car Radio” by Twenty One Pilots is one of my all-time favorite songs (by one of my all-time favorite bands). “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities is a completely different genre of music, but it’s steadily been growing […]


I stumbled upon this song a la Majestic Casual, who is arguably YouTube’s most fabulous music blogger.  With daily uploads and over 700 videos on the site, Majestic posts tripped out, chill-wave, electronica from a plethora of up-and-coming artists and remixers.  The videos themselves feature some sort of translucent picture of a willowy female, as […]

Yoo00 – What a Gwan? Check out this most totally radical youtube channel I found! Click on this link! >>> http://www.youtube.com/user/relmvision?ob=0 <<< Click on that link! This guy Mike Relm is pure awesome – he can take some an random clip, like a scene from a movie, or someone doing standup, and produce some truly […]

Haldo adventurers, The past two days, I’ve had two songs stuck in my head like no one’s business. They really have nothing in common, except that they both have awesome saxophone parts. In hopes of getting these melodies out of my brain, I’d like to share them with you! 1) Caspa & Rusko: Girl From […]

Bonjour readers, Think of your favorite band. Now think of your favorite movie. Got it? Chances are, these artists and directors have ripped off some of their ideas from somewhere else. Not to say that they outright steal ideas from someone, but it is very unlikely that everything is completely original. A remix if you […]

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and mashups are the sun! Ok, I’ve caught the mashup love bug! A little late perhaps, but better late then never. I think some of my fellow BUC staffers have blogged about mashups before, so if you think this isn’t original, you may […]

Yeah, you were probably wondering when I was gonna stop talking about Lil Wayne. Well today, ain’t that day. Weezy is free. Finally. But he walks free now with new responsibility shoved into his arms. He reported that he started writing lyrics in jail, and most of the hip-hop community is expecting his return to […]

Ok, so this week I’ve decided to switch it up at bit. Instead of sharing just a song or two with you guys, I need to tell you about a website I was recently shown. ThisSongIsSick.com is a blog much like this one: every day, they put up a new song which falls into one […]

Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that I’m all about techno music. At first, I was satisfied with just house / trance stuff… Anything by Benny Benassi, Dj Tiesto, or Deadmau5 were my go songs. It wasn’t until I first saw Rusko at Cochella last April that I got my first taste […]