September 24, 2010

Mo’ Monáe!

Hey cats and kittens!

If you’ve been in BU Central at all this semester you’ve probably seen the groovy music video for Janelle Monáe’s single Tightrope ft. Big Boi where she and her fellow androids pull off some AMAZING moves reminiscent of MJ.

If you haven’t seen it. SEE IT NOW.

On September 16th I saw Janelle Monáe perform with Of Montreal at the House of Blues and I literally could not stop dancing throughout her entire performance. And not only can she dance like a maniac she is an incredible vocalist, has her own distinct style and not to mention is gorgeous. BASICALLY I WANT TO BE HER.

Here are a couple of my favorite songs off of her latest album The ArchAndroid.

Dance or Die (feat. Saul Williams)

Cold War

And since the weather has been especially summery for the past few days I am going to share with you a song from my Summer Soundtrack.

Adrian Lux- Teenage Crime

Hope your weekend is a dance party.

Mucho <3,



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