September 27, 2010

Early Autumn Jams

1. LCD Soundsystem-Drunk Girls

“Drunk Boys/Drunk Boys, we walk like pedestrians/Drunk Girls/Drunk girls wait an hour to pee”. James Murphy has long been a master of adding humor to his catchy lyrics and “Drunk Girls”, the first single from their album This is Happening, is a great example of Murphy’s hilarious classifications of both drunk boys and girls. The combination of Murphy’s lyrics and the fantastic dance-rock make this song both a party hit and a personal favorite.

2. Cee Lo Green-Fuck You

I’m going to go ahead and say this is the catchiest song I’ve ever heard in my entire life. This story of a gold-digging ex-girlfriend seems to be the hugely talented Cee Lo Green’s masterpiece. With the soul of a motown track and Cee Lo’s titanic voice “Fuck You” stands alone today. If you’re ever trying to start a dance party I promise this will get the job done. However, be warned that excessive listening will cause regular ‘Fuck You’ outbursts and may not be suitable for children.

3. Les Vinyl-F For Effort

At this point most people only know Staten Island as the birthplace of those unfortunately embraced “celebrities”, The Situation and Snooki. What they don’t know is how awesome the local art scene is. This local favorite of mine comes from the multi-talented Casey Jost and is off The Nafia Mail EP, the newest release since their debut LP.  I heard the lemon metaphor four million times/And I don’t stand for lemonade don’t ask me why” is just one of the many wonderfully creative lyrics within this song.

4. Big Boi-Shutterbug

Boy oh boy do I miss Outkast. At least that’s what I thought until Big Boi released his fantastic solo album Lucious Left Foot: Son of Chico Dusty. This bass thumping gem has all the elements of an incredible rap song, a killer beat and Big Boi tearing up every verse. “I’m shittin’ on niggas and pee’ing on the seat/It’s the nigga the B-I-G B-O-I O-U-T”. I mean really, what’s not to love?

5. Arcade Fire-Modern Man

Last but not least on this Autumn’s playlist is Arcade Fire with “Modern Man” off their latest LP. Easily the most mellow track on the album sets the tone for those looming dark and gloomy days of Autumn. Arcade Fire has the uncanny ability to create an atmosphere around their tracks with their incredible arrangements and poetic lyrics. This hit is no exception and is a fantastic listen.

That’s it for this week enjoy those tracks!

-Matt Duffy


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