September 29, 2010

Blog Post Vol. 1

A-Class beats are all too often ruined by whack lyrics.

No disrespect to the MCs – it’s just that sometimes, its better to listen to the production and let your mind fill in the rest.

That’s where Ann Arbor’s Samiyam (Same Baker) steps in.  His sound ranges from J Dilla-esque jazz breaks (not surprising, considering Ann arbor is a stones throw from Detroit) to 8-bit video game samples, and encompasses everything in between.  Samiyam is good friends with and coworker of Flying Lotus (Steven Ellison), a fellow don of experimental hip hop.  The two are both members of Flying Lotus’s California based record label, Brainfeeder, which houses mainly experimental hip hop akin to the two.

Samiyam’s debut album, Rap Beats Vol. 1, was released on Brainfeeder in 2008.  The album, which draws clear influence from the early 90’s, Cali G-Funk movement, doesn’t miss a beat.  With 24 tracks jammed into 32 minutes, each one brings a new flavor and keeps you nodding your head. Check out a couple of my favorites from the album.

You can catch Samiyam and other artists under the Brainfeeder label at Harper’s Ferry on November 3rd for their Magical Properties Tour 2010

Also, incase you forgot, it’s Weezy Wednesday…




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