September 30, 2010

It’s Unusual Instrument Day!

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It’s blog time!

I have torn myself away from my shopping cart to blog and such…so here you go:

Lucky for everyone down here in BUC right now, while an infomercial for the “WonderFILE” plays on the big screen, I do not have the TV volume on.  I’m playing a playlist! Right now, it’s pretty chill: Alexi Murdoch’s “All My Days” (it’s on the “Away We Go” soundtrack).  He looks pretty chipper here, but his voice is really soft and I’m pretty sure he’s got some maracas* rocking out in the background of this track, along with some really earthy-nature-y chords on his guitar.  Very chill.

Alexi Murdoch

I like his hair.

Also, this:

It’s adorable.  I like Bon Iver. Probably will post more Bon Iver.  Also probably more Lykke Li.  She’s adorable.  This entire thing is adorable.  I’m pretty sure there’s somebody playing the spoons* in there. And Lykke Li plays an itty bitty trumpet*.  And she dances a little like Shakira in Waka Waka.

I like to keep these posts short, so I’ll end with this one:

“Giants”, performed by Ben Karis (with Olivia Karis-Nix in the background?). Ben is pretty talented in general (he is also super crafty…somewhere there’s a video of him silkscreening posters for his band…what? Rad.), as is Olivia.  They’re great.  Listen to the lyrics. And the banjo.* I photographed their wedding, and they did a duet, which was stellar.  Anyways, Ben is great–I’ll probably post more from him in the next few weeks.

Ben and Olivia Karis-Nix

From their wedding. Presh.

That’s it. The Gap calls to me.

Just kidding.


*See title of post. Get it? Haha. Ha.


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