Last Friday night was my 3rd time venturing out to the Paradise Rock Club. My first two shows featured the likes of Girls and Ra Ra Riot with incredible opening acts including Princeton and Maps & Atlases. I arrived at the show just as the second band on the bill, Revolt Revolt, got started. Unfortunately, the lead singer reminded me of a fourth grade geometry teacher and the drummer, who was front and center, was quite the frightening fellow. Their Pixies inspired garage rock bored most of the crowd  as each and every song meandered and lasted several minutes too long.

Lucky for us, Built to Spill finally came to the stage and reminded everyone what a good band sounded like! Frontman Doug Martsch ruled the show with his incredible guitar solos and distinctive lyrics. Every song was separated by a quick “Thanks” from Martsch and then about a minute of tuning, which would have been a burden if their guitar riffs weren’t so intricately laced together. After a short break at “the end” of the show Built to Spill returned to the stage for an encore laced with their hits “The Plan”, “Car” and “Carry the Zero”. So in the end, once again, The Paradise delivered yet again with a fantastic show, even if Revolt Revolt is haunting my nightmares.

Built to Spill-The Plan(Live)

Built to Spill-Car(Live)

Built to Spill-Carry the Zero


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