October 7, 2010

Words are good

Hey bloggees!*

I’m feeling lyrical this week.  Also, my linguistics class was hard. So I’m thinking I’ll post some songs with awesome lyrics, you can comment, and then we’ll be having words about words! It’s exciting, isn’t it? No? Fine.

We’ll start here:

“A Bonsai Named Lisa” — One Eyed Stanley (from their eponymous album)

Okay, the words about words might not be exciting, but this song definitely is.  Remember that part in “The Princess Bride” where the grandpa is telling little Fred Savage about how exciting the story is and even though there’s kissing and crap, it’s got some badass sword fights and that whole Iocane powder battle? Yeah, well this song is like that but without, as little Fred calls it, the “kissy crap”.  It’s about a dragon battle. And it rhymes! I mean, I like it.  I know all the lyrics and whenever I hear it, it’s as if the story is being narrated in my head in claymation! Also: imagine this a cappella.  Srsly.

Next: The Decemberists.  I had never heard the Decemberists and then I moved into a house with eleven people and for some reason, literally ALL OF THEM listened to the Decemberists.  And now I love them.  You’ve all probably heard “the Mariner’s Revenge Song”, which is a glorious 8 minutes or so (when they do it in concert they’ve been known to bring out a giant paper mache whale. WHAT.).  The accordions are fantastic.  I’m not going to post it, because I’m going to post “O, Valencia!” from their album The Crane Wife. It’s basically a Romeo and Juliet story.  The chord sequence they play throughout it is super-perfect and makes the song just upbeat enough, and obviously Colin Meloy (nothing else needed).  This song should have a totally awesome music video, but the one they made is kind of weird and I don’t like it.  It’s also a really cute love song, so if you’re going through a break-up, I wouldn’t suggest it because you’ll just get bitter.  Anyways the best part is from about 2:25 on.  Here you go:

And I’m posting “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” because I know you have a solid 8 minutes to spare.  Don’t try to listen if you are doing homework…you won’t be able to focus. The words are too numerous and the melodies are too hauntingly awesome.

The last song is actually kind of cool because I know the person who it’s about.  Which is kind of cool.  And not like “Oh yeah, I know Harry Potter because I’ve read all of the books eight times each” but like actually know, as in, we met in high school and are friends.  It’s by Ben Karis (see last week’s post) and his band, Jupiter Sunrise.  Woo. PS [SONG SPOILER]: Everything that they say in the song actually happened.  Arthur is Ben’s brother-in-law, and when he was younger he actually did ride his bike into a car and break his arm. Ca. Ray. Zay.

Okay and this isn’t actually claymation but it’s stop motion or something and it is just SO AWESOME.

The end. Happy Friday! BUforShow10.8@8PM.BETHERE.

*A blogger writes a blog.  A bloggee reads a blog.  Just like an employer employs people and said employed people are employees of the aforementioned employer. WORDS ARE MAGICAL


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