October 8, 2010


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Hi friends!

LOOONNG WEEEEEEKEND!!!  WOOOOO!!!! PARTAAY!!! But srsly u guyz, who isn’t excited to celebrate the awesome life and accomplishments of none other than Christopher Columbus? I know I can’t wait to go home, cut, color and paste together little booklets of the sequence of events of the discovery of America, make stick models of the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, and, my favorite Columbus Day activity, barge into other people’s homes and declare that I now live there! Whaddya say? Let’s make this the BEST Columbus Day Weekend EVA!!

First things first. WE NEED A PLAY LIST!

The first song on our play list is from Bob Dylan. This is a great song because we can hear Bobbie D. in a completely candid moment cracking up about what is probably some REALLY funny Christopher Columbus joke. In the song he accounts the zany surreal happenings of his discovery of America. It’s fun. It’s cooky. It has a Christopher Columbus reference! And is therefore perfect for our Columbus Day Weekend play list!

Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream

NEXT. Ok so that’s the only song that I could find that had a Columbus reference in the lyrics that I actually liked. BUT I think Christopher Columbus really could have related to this song since he landed on the Bahamas and the Bahamas are ISLANDS.

Postcards from Tiny Islands-The Walkmen

TRES. (Columbus was from Spain which means he spoke Spanish!) Here is a great song by Devendra Banhart in Español with SANTA MARIA in the song title. PERFECTISIMO!

santa maria de la feira- Devendra Banhart

OK I lied. I found another song with Christopher Columbus lyrics that I like. Here it is via YouTube. I think he’s talking about how much of a corrupt asshole Christopher Columbus was for stealing land from people and stripping them of their natural rights and dignity. In this case I guess we can celebrate the fact that he’s dead!! YAY!

Christopher Columbus- Burning Spears

Whether or not you love or hate Christopher Columbus, I hope you have a rad weekend with lots of friends and fun!




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