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Hey guys,

There is going to be a BU Central event this Friday, AudioDax and OnCue are performing. One of my favorite songs from them is a remix called Thoughts, it samples Crystal Castles. I like the changing rhythm and the beat in this song and hope you guys like this funk as well !!

I hope you guys are really excited because the band Audiodax and OnCue are not as known but I do love the song above. I thought it was a good starter to get you hooked on the following songs by Audiodax.

This other favorite of mine by Audiodax, has a new modern beat and has sweet lyrics. I think it is pretty clever with its lyrics. It gets you to get excited if “you are feeling down” and it tells you to jump and down.

This next song, I like the beat to it but I wasn’t as addicted to it as the first one. However the posts on youtube for it show that people find it very inspirational. And honestly the rhythm is soothing. Also, people are letting their friends know all the way in Canada, so definitely let your friends know!

The second performer is OnCue and one of his songs that I really enjoy is called Until I am Winning. I like their beat a lot. The background beat contrasts with the rapper so I personally like how they do that. It also reminds me of a song that would come from the a Step Up movie. It sounds like a type of song that one could come up with dance moves to. I think you guys will enjoy this artist and I suggest you check out his other songs. Also, the song Breathe Me, has the beginning that popular songs have, with the chipmunk voice. And that is sure a hit song with that effect.

I hope you guys like these songs, they will be performing live on Friday. You guys should come out and see them if you liked these sample songs. I personally like their beats and what the artists do with their music. I hope you guys enjoy their lyrics as well as their beats and let your friends know about their songs as well!

Until next time,



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