October 11, 2010

Diamond Nights

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This week I’ve got one song for you guys, but it’s catchy enough that you might find yourself playing it a lot the next week. The song is “Destination Diamonds”, the opening track of the NYC band Diamond Nights’s 2005 release Popsicle. After just one play or two, you may get sick of the 30 second long introduction they put in the music video, but the song itself is just awesome. The song is essentially driven by a couple of raw, chugging rhythm guitar tracks and some simple but energetic drumming. I find this to be a perfect “pump up” song for nearly any occasion: sprinting to avoid being late to class, getting ready on friday night, or as I will employ it tomorrow, listening 5 hours into a bus ride from NY to South Station, trying to maintain some semblance of sanity. Anyways, here it is, enjoy!


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  1. […] posted about their song “Destination Diamonds” nearly a year ago now, but it wasn’t until this past summer that I really checked out the rest of the album that […]


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