October 15, 2010

This Song is Sick, Not Ill

[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false] Ok, so this week I’ve decided to switch it up at bit. Instead of sharing just a song or two with you guys, I need to tell you about a website I was recently shown. ThisSongIsSick.com is a blog much like this one: every day, they put up a new song which falls into one of three categories (banging, chill, or mixtape).

If you are anything like me, paying for music hurts you just as much as it hurts your wallet. Well, with ThisSongIsSick, you don’t have to worry since all the songs they post are available for download (99% of the time)! I believe that they host all the music via Mediafire, a hosting website.

The site also has a section dedicated to videos, and another all about upcoming events and concerts. Here’s my favorite song from the past week – A mashup of Lady Gaga and Coldplay created by DJs From Mars.

Viva La Vida vs Bad Romance – Lady Gaga vs Coldplay (DJs From Mars BANGER Remix):

ThisSongIsSick is great for anyone who is into techno or hip-hop, or any combination of both. What’s that you say? You don’t like techno OR Hip-Hop? No problem! If ThisSongIsSick just isn’t your style, you should head over to TheMusicNinja.com. Its basically the same idea, they post a new song every day (available for download) but they have a ton more musical genres to browse through. They’ve got Rock, Hip-Hop, Folk, remixes, Spanish music, soundtracks, interviews and more! Heres a cool song / creepy video I found on MusicNinja:  “Percumajor” – by Major Lazer

Both of these sites are quickly becoming my new favorites on the web. But, while MusicNinja has way more variety, ThisSongIsSick is (in my opinion) way better for techno junkies like me. Well, that all for now kiddies!

See you next week (not really because this is a regular blog, not a video blog…)
– Tim


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