October 17, 2010

JEW Review

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For those who are not fans of Jimmy Eat World (sometimes lovingly referred to as JEW by fans on message boards), the above title may have left you skeptical as to the political correctness of the following post, but I assure you, this is no more than a concert review. Jimmy Eat World performed at the House of Blues this past friday, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Before going to the show, I was worried that JEW may be one of those bands that just plays their new album and maybe just a couple of hits from prior albums (I’d never seen them live before). This possibility particularly worried me because their latest album, Invented, which I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago, and is just a few weeks old, has so far failed to grow on me. However, JEW played only “My Best Theory”, “Coffee and Cigarrettes”, and “Action Needs An Audience” from the new album, and these actually sounded better to me live than on the album. JEW plays with a lot of energy, and played a bunch of their less-poppy songs like “Clarity” and “Hear You Me”, as well as their huge pop hits. Basically, if you get the chance, I highly recommend you check them out, and encourage you not to just judge them on their song “The Middle” alone, the large majority of their songs are not as commercial.

Also, I came away with some new additions to my playlist, courtesy of Scottish band We Were Promised Jetpacks, who also put on an amazing show. Check them out:


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