October 18, 2010

Monday Night

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Hey everyone tonight we are going to listen to some of my favorite music. It’s a Monday, and you know what that means, the week has begun. That is why for this week we will be listening to fast beat songs to get us through the week once again. I know that there have been lots of tests, and tests have been returned with good and not soo good grades. Oh well. Good luck to those chem students who had a big test today, or at least it  sounded big since almost everyone had to take it. The first song is a song that is not well known but it has become a personal favorite.

This song has helped me and my friends loosen up and jump around and forget about grades.

This next song is a fun and you may be wondering why I am going to put it up, except that I haven’t told you the who sings it or what the song is. A few weeks after school started my friends and I were swamped with homework and what is the only thing to do? Go to the library you say? Well…we could have gone to the library but instead we went to a concert. A Jason Derulo concert. Thanks to my lovely high school friend who bought the tickets. But the song that will be posted is not a Jason Derulo song. Instead is a song from the opener band for the concert. It is the song “La la la” sung by Auburn.

This song I actually first heard from one of my friends and when I reheard it at the concert I was very excited but didn’t know what the name of it was. So I went through the iTunes top songs until I heard the song! Although these are just two songs, they are the two main songs for the week because they are the only two songs we are currently obsessed with.

You guys must know the feeling of that one song that is always on repeat for a whole week until you get sick of it. So these two songs are those songs that just stay on repeat. They are the songs that get you through the week and well you sure need those types of songs to get you through this week filled with exams and essays.

Until next time. Enjoy the week



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