October 21, 2010

It’s ThursYAY!

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Midterms are OVER (for me)! If they’re not for you, fear not. They will be…eventually.

In honor of me totally not being stressed at all* because all of my papers and exams are done, I’m posting a chill- slash rock out playlist.  First things first, let’s get the obligatory culturally relevant video post out of the way.

This just came out.  It’s Willow Smith, Will Smith’s daughter.  Will O. Smith.

What. Is. This. Rumpus. She is so intense. Please note the Gaga-style hair sculpture.  Dear BU, please make a class in CFA on hair sculpture.  Kaythanks. Anyways, despite the fact that it’s, like…weird…it’s catchy. Very catchy. And can’t nobody whip their hair like Will O. Smith.

Now that that’s out of the way, we will resume our regularly scheduled blogging:

Let’s get some Aristotelian logic up in hurr:

1. Adam Levine is a babe.

2. Adam Levine is Jewish.

3. Therefore, Adam Levine is my husband.

Okay, cool.  This is also is a video because you can’t just listen to Adam Levine and K’Naan, you need to watch them. It’s the perfect rock-out-in-your-room-post-terrible-midterm-pre-nap song.

I promise, this next song is related to the previous one:

(Reel Big Fish, “You’re So Damn Hot”). Also if you need to de-stress before/during/after a midterm by going for a quick run, this is definitely a good song (upcoming blog post: Rockout Workout? Mayhaps.)

Also, you’re welcome:

It’s Thursday! That means the Office is on! In honor of tonight’s new episode, in which Darryl and the Nard-Dog start a band(!), I’m posting “Office Musik”!   That’s the title, not a typo. [I don’t do typos.]

Let’s close it out with some DJ Danger Mouse/Jay-Z, from the Grey Album.

↑99 Problems

↑Dirt Off Your Shoulder

And finally, for your viewing pleasure:


My husband.



Pretty sweet. Not as sweet as Adam Levine. But still.


Happy Thursday!


*Don’t you love these footnotes? I’m as unstressed as a schwa. For non-linguists: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schwa


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