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Hey everyone, this week is followed by many more midterms, papers and the like. It seems that the weekend went by fast and another week has begun. I hope many of you had fun with your parents. There were many events that families attend together! The BU Hockey game was very popular, the shopping down at BU Central and the Dear Abbey’s also performed at BU Central. After such a fun fill weekend, we need something to help us through this week. Last week I posted two of the fast paced songs that helped many people through their exams. This week however we are going to prepare for Halloween! When thinking of Halloween, the main thing that pops into my head is the movie Halloween. This movie has been remade many times but the theme song remains the same.

This song is played by the piano and while it does not have any lyrics, you can hear the way the music sounds eerie. If any of you have seen the movie, you can really picture everything that happens throughout the movie with this music. Not only can you put this music to the movie Halloween you can also picture yourself on this Halloween night with this music playing in the dark. Wouldn’t that make your Halloween night a very spooky one indeed?

Thinking of Halloween also reminds me of one of the most famous songs imaginable. Not only is the song famous, but the King of Pop also made sure that his music video was one of the first spectacular music videos of his time. You might already know who I am talking about, and if you are a huge fan then you might already know what song I am thinking of. Michael Jackson is the singer, and his famous song and music video is Thriller.

Not only is this a great song, but it also has a Halloween theme to it. I love the fact that his 14 minute music video is almost like a mini movie. And all of a sudden the dead come alive and the zombies begin to dance, to the famous dance, the Thriller dance. Needless to say that this music video is quite the thriller that is a perfect addition to your Halloween night.

To end on a cute Halloween mode, although I don’t think that Donald Duck thinks it is such a cute Halloween Night, here is Donald Duck’s Trick or Treat. I hope this brings back memories of your childhood, and all the fun times you went out trick or treating dressed up in cute costumes that were “scary”.


I hope you all enjoyed these clips and songs. They sure brought back memories from my childhood. I am excited to finish this week up and go trick or treating on Halloween! Because really, who doesn’t love free candy? And maybe like Michael Jackson some zombies will start dancing on the street, or like Donald Duck, a Witch will fly in and annoy you!

Either way,

Happy Halloween and have a stress free week!



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