October 27, 2010

Mind Fusion

If you’ve been in BU Central at all in the afternoon during the past two weeks, you’ve probably heard this mix, even if you didn’t know it – Mind Fusion Vol. 1 by Los Angeles-born hip hop DJ, producer and emcee Madlib.  It’s a twenty-six track showcase of Madlib’s productions, whether it be an original or a remix, all of which have been released on Stones Throw Records.

The mix is a great display of vocalists from all over the country – ranging from New York City natives Method Man and M.O.P., all the way to San Jose born Charizma, who frequently collaborated with Peanut Butter Wolf, one of the founding fathers of Stones Throw Records.  Despite such a wide range in vocal talent, the mix maintains fluidity throughout; each beat has the signature Madlib touch.

The mix was originally released on limited-edition CDs in Japan in 2004, and then released again in the States a year later.

Here are a couple of my favorites from the mix

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