October 28, 2010

Birds of a Feather*

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Hey all!

So for this week’s culturally relevant media snippet: it’s Kanye! “Runaway” came out this week, and it’s pretty badass…all 35 MINUTES OF IT.  Luckily, he doesn’t have to spell anything  at all in the entire video (he can’t spell.  At all. Go check his Twitter…it’s terrible).  However, he totally just knocked Willow Smith out of the top spot for Video of the Week (see previous post).  Good job, Kanye! He also beat Miley out for “Bird-Woman Video of the Year” (see title of post)*.

Okay, so here’s the lovely Ms. Cyrus:

And Kanye–be sure to watch all 34:33.

Oh, Kanye.

So something kind of cute is that 5 years ago Saturday I went to my first EVER concert–Thrice at (now closed) Avalon, near Fenway.  It was awesome.  Back then they’d just released Vheissu, and they played a superawesome show (opened by Underoath,the Bled, and Veda [who had just had their tour bus stolen or something like that if I remember correctly…they had no instruments! They borrowed from one of the other bands.]).  Anyways, their next album set, The Alchemy Index, also has a song about bird-people! Which is why I’m posting it.  Although, technically, Daedalus wasn’t a bird-person.  Just listen to the song.  Also, it’s one of my favorite Greek Myths.


And, just for kicks:

“Silver Wings”

That’s it!

Happy Thursday!


PS: Who would win in a spelling bee? Kanye, Miley, or Willow? Tweet your vote at @thelastlstein with the tag #KMWspelling!

*So much irony it could be hemoglobin.


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  1. Somebody get Reece a Pulitzer


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