October 29, 2010


[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false] Hey everyone!

Are you all as excited for Halloweekend as I am? Unfortunately, I won’t be in Boston to celebrate because I’m trying something new this year: Halloween in Los Angeles! Tomorrow at 7am, I’ll be on my way to La La Land aka the City of Angels to attend Hard Haunted Mansion at the Shrine Expo Hall.

OK Tim, that’s great, but why should I care!?! The answer: well, I guess you shouldn’t, but this blog has to be about something right? And they always say to write what you know. (But who are they anyways? They say a lot of things…) Anyways, since I don’t think many of you are going to fly across the country tomorrow, I figured I would share some of the artists that will be there!

Here are the 5 performers I’m most excited about:

1) Bloody Beetroots – Death Crew 77

These two Italian stallions have teamed up with several artists including Crookers, ReSeT!, and Steve Aoki. This is my favorite song: Warp 1.7(ft. Steve Aoki)

2) Rusko

The King of Dubstep. I’ve seen Rusko perform about 4 times now, and its just as amazing every time. This is Rusko’s “Woo Boost” with incredibly odd video:

3) Crookers

2 DJs (also Italian, just like the Bloody Beetroots) who combine hip-hop and house to create Hip House! I’ve taken a liking to this song… it makes me want to dance! “We are Prostitutes” – Crookers: (warning? adult material? Idk, they say ‘prostitutes’ a few times)

4) Mr. Oizo

French DJ who plays all kinds of crazy stuff. He was one of the first DJs that I ever liked, even before I knew anything about techno music. Here is his song “Flat Beat” with awesome music video to boot! I guess you could say this is minimal:

5) Jack Beats

Again, Electro/House and whatnot.  Members are Scottish DJ Plus One, along with Beni G from the Mixologists. Here is their song “Get Down”:

Here are some more that didn’t make it to the top 5. make sure you check them out too (I won’t put a video cuz this blog is way too long as it is):
Boys Noize
, Erol Alkan, Fake Blood, A-Trak, Flying Lotus

OK kiddies, that’s all for this week! See you next Friday and have a safe fun Halloweekend!



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