Hello all,

I think the general theme of this space is to link to bands that one may not have heard before, but would love if they did.  I’m pretty sure everyone has already heard of the Smashing Pumpkins, and their songs “1979” and “Tonight, Tonight”. However, this is the last day (and the last hour of that day) that one of us can post a Halloween related post and get away with it, and I’ll be damned if won’t take the opportunity to do so.  In fact, other than their name (and the fact that Billy Corgan is a legitimately scary looking individual), the Smashing Pumpkins have little to do with Halloween. However, I’m devoting this post to them because I’m fairly certain that outside of the two aforementioned hits, many people have not heard much of the Smashing Pumpkins, which is a shame, since a very large portion of their catalog is awesome.

Two of my favorites of theirs are go-to songs leading the play count stat on my iTunes: “Stand Inside Your Love” and “Raindrops + Sunshowers”. The former is just an all around rockin’ song that I won’t bother trying to describe, you should just hear it:

This one is a a little more unusual and unique, which is what I love about it, in addition to its first few lines, which cause me to be reminded of this song any time I’m feeling down or it’s actually raining:

Rain falls on everyone
The same old rain
And I’m just trying to
Walk with you
Between the raindrops


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