November 3, 2010

The Weekly Special

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As of now, I think everyone knows to expect a musical gem from Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Friday series that is released on his website every week. He is single-handedly changing the way hip-hop (and quite honestly music as a whole) is being made. Almost every track has been amazing. I’ll post my favorite below just in case you haven’t heard.

But although Kanye may have started this trend, his fellow hip-hop producers have noted its influence and have hopped on the weekend bandwagon. One of them is “The One Man Band Man” himself, Swizz Beats. Swizzy has started a Monster Mondays series, two weeks in. The second installment definitely stands out to me, tell me what you think in the comments.

And just when you thought hip-hoppers could copy themselves no longer, esteemed producer Timbaland has recently announced that Timbo Thursdays is about to become a new institution. Timmy hasn’t produced anything in a while, his most famous work being with Missy Eliott and Justin Timberlake. Here’s a recent track for a quick refresher:

Now these are all good things. Artists realize the music piracy is a real viable threat to their record sales, and instead of going up in arms and pulling a Lupe, they decide to give out free music. This will hopefully become a trend in the music industry. Free music doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of the industry; it could mean that people are more focused on good music instead of what label A&R’s tell them they should listen to. It is also interesting to note that most of the G.O.O.D. Friday tracks will be on Kanye’s new album this month. It will be worth watching to see if fans reward Kanye for his generosity by buying his album or if they take the music and run. Stay tuned.

OH AND BY THE WAY, Lil Wayne gets out of jail in a day. Let’s not forget who was instrumental in this whole free music era when the man released 1000 free songs in the time span of three years. FREE WEEZY!!!


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  1. to say about kayne “he is single-handedly changing the way hip-hop (and quite honestly music as a whole) is being made” is a little quick to praise. you didn’t back that up at all. and, quite frankly, if you look at kanye’s history he is KNOWN for ripping off other, ACTUAL innovators. you’re entitled to your opinion, but he really isn’t doing that much for the music scene “as a whole”

    • I think what you are referring to is his specialty of sampling artists to create hip-hop beats. This is a common practice in rap, one that is hardly called “ripping off” artists. It is a testament to Kanye that he can sample songs from other great works of art from all genres, and introduce rap and hip-hop fans to these other artists and songs, giving them a wider spectrum of music. These fans will in turn become rappers as well, and they will be influenced by those genres and songs that Kanye introduced to them. In this way he is influencing the way hip hop is being made.
      Also, hip-hop is known for its format. Most rap songs are of the format “hook, verse 1, hook, verse 2, hook, verse 3, hook,” or some similar alternative. Kanye is composing music that doesn’t fit into the stockade-like format of other rap songs. If you listen to some of his G.O.O.D. Friday tracks, some of them don’t have hooks, some of them don’t have 16-line verses, some of them have intros and outros and bridges all throughout the songs. He is changing the format of rap, thus influencing other rappers. In this way he his changing the way rap is made.
      Of course rap isn’t an island on the overall globe of music. Rappers influence other genres just as the inverse is true. Rappers collaborate with pop stars and singers to create crossover hits. If rap itself is influenced by the works of Kanye, and music itself changes with the influence of rap, it logically follows that Kanye is changing music with his influence.


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