November 4, 2010

Guess What!

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The Decemberists are releasing a new album! It’s called The King is Dead and it’ll be released on the eighth anniversary of my bat mitzvah!* I am quite pleased.  They personally emailed me this track, “Down By The Water”.  I must say, Colin Meloy is in rare form.  But not really, he’s always awesome.  Jenny Conlee is great, though.  I can’t say I’ve heard her so distinctly on many of their other tracks, and she and Mr. Meloy are quite good together. It’s just great!  I’m so pleased!  Without further ado:

I was very tempted to post another Willow Smith “Whip My Hair” video, from her live(!) performance on Ellen (!), and there was also a Kanye video, but I didn’t want to overload you, dearest readers.  So I’ll save those, and instead, give you this:

Kind of cool, right? Technology is magic.

I just realized I’ve never posted any Fleet Foxes! Travesty.  My friend Maxford just turned 21 the other week, so we’ll say this is in honor of his birthday…Just for you, buddy =) And everyone else, too! Fleet Foxes is great.  It’s mellow enough to function as naptime music, but you can also kind of jam out on the T–it’s just head-bob-y enough to be fun but not so much so that you’ll get weird looks like you would if you whipped your hair back and forth.

Fleet Foxes, “White Winter Hymnal”:

Don’t worry, it’s not Christmas related.  I have a personal ban on Christmas outside of the month of December.

And this one’s just for fun.

Everybody loves Hall and Oates!

That’s it for today…stay dry, everyone! It’s hella rainy.

Also, next week look out for some Mumford and Sons–I’m seeing them at the House of Blues and I’ll probably post some tracks!


*January 18th.  You should’ve already known that.  Shame.


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