November 8, 2010

Lazy Monday

So I don’t know about you but when Boston drops below the 45 degree mark and rains for what seems to be an eternity I want to do nothing more than sit down with a cup of coffee and listen to some tunes that remind me of summer. That being said there are few albums I listened to more than Princeton’s debut full length, Cocoon of Love.

With airy tunes of disfunctional relationships Princeton shouts messy, summer romance to me. Headed by twins, Matt and Jesse Kivel from Los Angeles, Princeton has left a permanent stamp on me with dazzling live performances and their fantastic album. Beginning with “Sadie and Andy” a duet featuring Meredith Metcalf, Princeton sets the tone for a series of poppy-heartbreaks.

While their album isn’t particularly energetic, that does not translate to their live shows. I was lucky enough to see them twice last year, opening for completely different bands. The first was Ra Ra Riot with whom they collaborated with late in the show, as both have fairly similar sounds. However, the second was Art Brut, a disjointed, British rock band. In both cases Princeton came out with tons of energy thanks to frontmen Matt and Jesse.

Whether you’re a concert goer or just the type of person to sit down with an album Princeton will provide you with a lovely escape from this biting weather.

Princeton-Sadie and Andy

Princeton-Show Some Love, When Your Man Gets Home


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