November 8, 2010

Rainy Monday

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Hey everyone, to start off, this weather is sleep weather. Who wouldn’t like to be sleeping in the dark and hear the rain come down? I most definitely wish I was sleeping right now. Thinking about sleep makes me think of the songs that I listen to while I sleep. Other than classical sleep music, I was thinking of sad soft songs. The song by Sarah McLachlan, is my friend’s favorite song. After hearing it played over and over in their room I remembered that I had that song and it was perfect for this type of weather. The song is Fallen:

It’s a sad song, and it doesn’t help the fact that the weather makes it even sadder. So I’ve thought of this online show called Making Fiends. Now some of you might not have seen it, but it was big during middle school. Here is a youtube clip of a remake of the first day for Charlotte.

Now you can compare it to the original first day of school for Charlotte

Making Fiends Fiend 1

I hope you have enjoyed these short clips. Maybe you’ll want to see the rest of the making fiends episodes on

They are quite adorable and short. It sure makes the time go by during these rainy days soon to turn into snowy days.

Don’t want you guys to get bored! So listen to music, nap or watch random clips!

Until next time guys, don’t let the weather get you down!



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