November 11, 2010

What You May Have Missed

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POPQUIZTIME: (See title)

a) an awesome show

b) free CDs

c) crowdsurfing

d) all of the above.

Heyguesswhat–the correct answer is (d).  On the 6th, BUC hosted Gentlemen Hall and Bad Rabbits, and the show was hoppin.  As for Gentlemen Hall, they’re the perfect mix of just enough electronics with a large handful of great vocals and a healthy dose of catchy tunes and lyrics.  And that’s just their album–Give Us Roots, Give Us Wings–which is great, but it isn’t even in the same league as their live show.  I wish I had a video for you from the show, but this will have to suffice:

But really, the show was great. Wasn’t it great? Yeah. Pretty much.  Here’s “Gravity Will Break Our Bones”, which is probably my favorite track on the album:

Perfect, right? It’s quite catchy.

Also, this could totally be in a movie soundtrack:

Something like that scene in Love Actually where that guy is walking down the street and in the movie soundtrack they’re playing Dido’s “Resting Here With Me” (wow, Dido…flashback) but they really should be playing this.  It’s called “What Is Left Of Me”, by the way.

And finally, another one of their best was just released this morning (at 12:14 AM, according to twitter) on their myspace–I can’t post it here, but head over to their page ( and check it out.  It’s called “Blush”!

On to Bad Rabbits:

People were crowdsurfing…no joke.

This is what their live show was like:

Okay, so if they are that fun with a music video, imagine a live show. Let me reiterate that people were crowdsurfing.  What? Yeah.  (Sidenote: I propose a remake of this video with Dean Elmore as the guy at 2:15 in the video.  Any takers?)

Here’s “Stick Up Kids” (also the name of their EP, which you can download for $free.99 on their website):

Like Gentlemen Hall, they’ve got great vocals and lyrics with just the right amount of electronic vibes and catchy tunes, but where Gentlemen Hall has a more folksy vibe (there’s that word again, folksy…see my first post), Bad Rabbits totally owns the old-schoolhip-hopwithalittlebitofsomefunkmaybe? vibe.

And “Can’t Back Down”:

Just so you know, they were so good live that I downloaded the album while I was still at the show on Saturday (I snagged one of Gentlemen Hall’s albums too).

Let’s have another pop quiz to close it out:

Give Us Roots, Give Us Wings and Stick Up Kids pair well with:

a) mellow parties

b) a long T ride

c) a run by Jamaica pond

d) secret dance party in your room

e) all of the above, but especially (d).  (d)s are always the best.

I’m seeing Mumford and Sons tonight at the House of Blues.  Expect a post on that next week!

Happy Thursday!



Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. Great showw! Glad we were there! ❤ Great review! Right on the $ 🙂

  2. Everyone was hyped up about Bad Rabbits–and yes, they were great–but I’m glad you recognized the talent that is Gentlemen Hall, too. I’m a little bit (okay, a lot) in love with them. 🙂


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