November 15, 2010

Music Monday

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Hey guys, so this week is the week before Thanksgiving. GOBBLE GOBBLE . I’ve heard about all the midterms this week before Thanksgiving break and what better way to forget about having to study than watching music videos and learning about our Thanksgiving traditions.

How exciting, Thanksgiving like never seen before, wasn’t that educational? Those cartoons bring back memories. But really, we know what we are all going to do on Friday, after our exams are over and the mini vacation starts. That’s something to be thankful for. Going out with friends and listening to music is what most everyone will be doing this weekend. Heres a new fun song by Shakira. Makes you want to dance and break it down with friends…or maybe alone in your room while studying for midterms. Either way here is “Give it up to me”

And if your feeling down then listen to P!nk’s song “Raise your glass”, it’ll show you how to raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways. So don’t feel down because we are all wrong in all the right ways and no one is perfect. What a lovely thing to be thankful for. Happiness and friendships.

So party or your own and maybe you should study instead until the weekend.

These songs should make your week easier and be thankful that there are weekends in college to relax. Also enjoy the clip from the cartoon, it should bring back childhood memories, when we all learned about the first Thanksgiving.


Until next time,



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