November 17, 2010

…….and Weezy is Free

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Yeah, you were probably wondering when I was gonna stop talking about Lil Wayne. Well today, ain’t that day. Weezy is free. Finally. But he walks free now with new responsibility shoved into his arms. He reported that he started writing lyrics in jail, and most of the hip-hop community is expecting his return to be glorious. Well this week we were treated to his first recorded verses since his release. And what do we think? Check it out below.
P.S. Please ignore anything Birdman says, as he is a terrible rapper. Only focus on Wayne’s parts.

Anyway, all Weezy aside, recently my girlfriend showed me this fantastic band that you may or may not know about. They are called Minus the Bear, and are freaking amazing. They are coming to Bostonon December 7th, so if you like this, you should definitely go.

That’s all I got today. Happy Weezy Wednesday!


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