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So, I don’t really think I need to explain much about this post.

Last Thursday night I saw Mumford and Sons play a sold out show at the House of Blues.

Here are the numbers:
2400 Mumford fans
3 hours of standing around waiting
45 agonizing minutes of King Charles
45 minutes of Cadillac Sky
$30 for a fantastic tour t-shirt

All in all, a good night.  King Charles was, for lack of a better word, interesting.  Not terrible.  Just…interesting.  He was wearing this really great ensemble of very tight, very high-waisted white satin pants; a navy coat with tails that trailed on the floor; patent leather flats (flats. Not loafers. Flats.); and this beautiful mass of awesome hair that absolutely completes the look.  By the time Cadillac Sky came on, I’m not gonna lie, I was just antsy and ready for some Mumford and Sons.  And then…there they were.  A glorious foursome of beautiful West Londoners.


Beautiful. And talented. Perfect.


The show was incredible.  They really are fantastic live; the crowd was electric and everyone was super into it, which you can totally feel in the videos.  Also, they are gorgeous (did I mention that? They really are.) and ridiculously talented–they shifted instruments every few songs.  Also also, they were super nice and very humble and thanked the crowd profusely and talked about how awesome Boston is.  Which is true.  So, without further ado: Mumford and Sons.

“Little Lion Man” (the second half, because somebody wasn’t maying much attention):

“Sigh No More”:

“The Cave”:

“Thistle & Weeds”:

“Dust Bowl Dance” (listen close around 3:00 for the awkward/hilarious conversation where I realized Dan has been filming not the stage, but the tech booth the whole time):

All Mumford videos courtesy of Dan Conroy, who recorded everything on his iPhone because I wanted things to post here.  And took me to the show.  And gave me their album.  He’s great.

PS: If you go on Cadillac Sky’s Youtube Channel, there are some great videos of them with Mumford.  Also a cover of Death Cab’s “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”, which is good, but a little too country for my tastes. Here’s King Charles, just so you can get a taste:

But since that’s terrifying, I’ll end with the glorious encore.  Really. It’s incredible.:

Happy Thursday!



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  1. I’d only ever heard “Little Lion Man” but now I’m in love. Too late to see them, but oh well. Thanks for this post!

    • You’re most welcome! I’m sure they’ll be back with their next album, hopefully not too far off. Happy thanksgiving!


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