November 30, 2010

A few more weeks

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Welcome back everyone! I hope you have all come back from fabulous dinners and home cooked meals! It’s always lovely to come back and eat the school’s dinning hall food… yes lovely indeed. During that week vacation, I went to the movies with my friends from my town, and we saw the movie Burlesque. It stars Christina Aguilera and Cher, they sing and dance and the whole movie is filled with lots of fun and excitement! One of the songs is sung by Cher and I think it sounds amazing. I haven’t heard her sing in such a long time, and I’m glad that she’s finally come back!

The next song is sung by Christina Aguilera, who I also haven’t heard recently. I think that they both took a break and decided to make this movie together so that it would be such a huge hit. Their voices are very powerful and together they made the movie amazing.

This last song is also from Christina Aguilera, and I couldn’t help myself because I love listening to it. I would see the movie again, and my friends want to buy it…so if you love the songs, then watch the movie because when they sing, they sing in a way that takes your breath away!


Enjoy guys! And just remember there are only two more weeks left, some quick finals and then a whole month of vacation. Then spring semester comes around and it’ll go by just as fast as this semester and then it’ll be summer! And for those of you with summer classes, well it’ll feel just the same!!

Until next time




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