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MUMFORD AND SONS HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR TWO GRAMMYS.  TWO OF THEM. Our (my, at least) favorite boys from across the pond are going up against Drake, the Bieber, and Florence + The Machine for Best New Artist; “Little Lion Man” (which I posted the other week) is up for Best Rock Song. Okay, back to what I had originally written as the start of this blog post:

It’s been a while, loyal readers! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving/week-off-of-school festivities and ate plenty of delicious food. I definitely ate at least 2 pounds of sweet potatoes. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s get down to business*:

What is more culturally relevant this week than Chanukkah? Nothing. So, for this week’s Official Tidbit of Cultural Relevance, it’s a new Chanukkah/Channukah/Chanuka/Hanuka/Hannukah/Hanukkah song! Also, this video of the Yeshiva University Maccabeats (I love a cappella names) has been all over everywhere the past few days. If you haven’t seen it yet, well, here you go. You’re welcome.  And happy (C)han(n)uk(k)a(h) to all my fellow revelers!



Since I have a midterm on Friday (Yeah. Midterm.  It’s not the middle of the term anymore.) I’m going to give you two things:
The first is a suggestion.  Go to Pandora and make a Mumford and Sons station.  Their eponymous EP has some stuff that isn’t on “Sigh No More”, which will come up on the Pandora station eventually.  However, it seems to be in hiding everywhere else.  I’m working on getting some tracks, and as soon as I do I’ll post them.

The second thing is actually more than one thing, it’s .  Some goodies for you to rock out to (on your headphones) whilst you while away the hours in the library pretending to study. Or in your room while you have a dance party with your roommate (that’s what I’ll be doing).

Of Montreal, “For Our Elegant Caste”:

Kate Nash, “Foundations”:

And not to be all “mainstream” or whatever, but I’m not gonna lie, nothing does it quite like this–“Viva la Vida”, from Coldplay:

Happy listening! Enjoy your weekends!


*Kudos to those who get my Mulan reference.


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