December 3, 2010

From the Basement

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Hey there cats and kittens!

What’s great about working at BU Central is that you can sit in the booth and watch as many as (wait lemme count) FIVE screens simultaneously. In front of me some über-cutesy alternative chick is prancing around in a sun dress on mtvU; Luigi, Donkey Kong and Snake are duking it out on the big screen in an intense Super Smash Bros match and behind me Yoshi, Princess Peach and Link are doing the same. But the screen that has my utmost attention is the lil lap top in front of me. There’s a great website that I happened upon called none other than From the Basement (WOAH BU CENTRAL IS IN A BASEMENT!!!). This podcast turned television show turned website hosts live performances by stellar bands, many of which are my faves, including The White Stripes, Eels, Thom Yorke, My Morning Jacket, Architecture in Helsinki and MANY MANY MORE!! What’s interesting about this show is that there’s no host! Just the band. Your eyes and ears, and the band.

Here are my faves…

(I’m posting the videos via youtube but you guys should visit the actual website! Linked above)

Beck- Motorcade

The White Stripes- Ugly As I Seem

Eels- Millicent Don’t Blame Yourself

Radiohead- 15 Step

MtvU ain’t got shit on this.

I hope all of you can have a mind blowing weekend, even if you do it from a basement!


bonus track… this is a GREAT SONG that I found delightedly on my iPod today! FIVE STARS! YEAH!

Yeti- Midnight Flight


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