December 7, 2010

Classes over?

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Hey again everyone,

this is the final week of classes! Although that sounds like the best thing possible … it is happening for a reason. And that reason is finals. They are coming up and fast! One of the things I love to do is listen to music. So what better way to study for finals then to listen to the singer that loves to shock us all. Lady Gaga!!

Listening to lady gaga instead of studying for all those finals seems like the one thing all college students want to do. Except, its not economically possible. For those of you in econ, you understand. For those of you not in econ, I’m sure you still understand. Basically it means you  need to study and not listen to lady gaga. But you can waste time listening to other songs. Like this college song. I thought it was quite appropriate, seeing as we all love to hate college. We love the parties but hate the exams, the studying and the tiredness.

So give it up for I hate college

If music isn’t your favorite thing to do when there is nothing to do (or when you have to study) then try watching some new shows. Lost is still pretty popular on hulu. But you need to start watching the shows sooner than later because the new hulu plus is making hulu fans pay for watching free shows. There’s the show Pushing Daisies. That’s a new favorite show of mine. It is filmed like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.

Spoiler alert ::

This show is lots of fun to watch, the way it is filmed and the plot is intense and out of this world fun.

So if you are struggling with finding something to do once classes are over then try one of these options : listen to music, or watch a new tv show. Either way maybe studying should be the first thing to do.


-Have a happy study break



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