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Today’s blag is going to be a short one. I very recently found out that Derek Vincent, the man behind Pretty Lights, has created his own record label.The past year, Pretty lights has put out three free EP’s available for download on their website: Glowing in the Darkest Night,  Spilling Over Every Side, and Making Up A Changing Mind among others.Following in the same fashion, the artists under the PLM label have their albums available for free download. I think the idea is to build a fan base to sell out live shows.

I’ve listened to all three albums, but one certainly stands out from the rest – Levitate, and 8 song ep by Paper Diamond. This album reminds me a lot of pretty lights, but without the vintage funk samples. This album is really chill – even kind of trippy at times. Here is the first track off the album:

01 Snowfall

Anyways, you can download the album from the Pretty Lights Music site.

Turn on, Tune in, [Turn up], Drop out…

See you next week,


Tonight at BU Central: 2 AM Club!!! Invite all your friends, this one is gonna be sick!


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