February 4, 2011

Ode to the Mashup

[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false]But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and mashups are the sun!

Ok, I’ve caught the mashup love bug! A little late perhaps, but better late then never. I think some of my fellow BUC staffers have blogged about mashups before, so if you think this isn’t original, you may be correct. But lately I’ve been sorta kinda addicted to these bad boys.

Anywhoozles, the point of this blag is to share some of  most flavorite mashups (thats my favorite songs with the sickest flavor). Ok here we go:

1) Warp A Milli (Lil Wayne vs. Bloody Beetroots)

This one is by far my favorite. It takes Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli” and lays it over the Bloody Beetroots’ “Warp 1.9”. I really love the Bloody Beetroots, and I think that the lyrics go perfectly with the song. Listen and judge for yourself:

2) Show Me One (Michael Mind vs. Swedish house Mafia)

You can make an amazing cocktail by adding three parts Michael Mind’s amazing house track “Show Me Love” to “One” part Swedish House Mafia (haha! See what I did there? The song is called “One”… get it?! Man I crack myself up sometimes!). Shake well, serve loud!

3) Bass Kick In Miami (DJ Chuckie vs. LMFAO)

This was just a match made in heaven. DJ Chuckie and LMFAO team up to create this seriously bada*s song. Its LMFAO’s “I’m In Miami Bi***” and DJ Chuckie’s “Let the Bass Kick”. Both of the original songs are some of my favorites but when you combine them they sort of feed off each other and become better than they ever were by themselves.

4) Intergalactic Rock (Beastie Boys vs. Daft Punk)

Since I grew up listening to the Beastie Boys (yeah my parents were that cool), this one brings back some good memories. This song is a mashup between The Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” and Daft Punk’s “Around the World”. This one starts off slow, and honestly the first time I listened to it I didn’t really like it. But I’m still putting it on this list because it grew on me since then.

5) Britney Spears – 3 (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)

Ok so this one is not a mashup, its a remix. But I need to blag about it because I never ever thought I would be enjoying listening to a Britney Spears song. That is until Wolfgang here came along and made it listenable. Here’s his version of 3 by Britney:
3 (Wolfgang Gartner Extended Mix)

You may already Wolfgang Gartner from this song, Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony: Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony

Ok kids, I hope you enjoyed these songs. Have a great weekend!

Turn On, Tune In, [Turn Up], Drop out


PS: If you saw our tweet about free merchandise, I’m sorry to say that we no longer have any more prizes to give away.


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