February 11, 2011

Reppin Da Hood

Hello Everyone! This week I’m here to introduce The Hood Internet, a Chi-Town based duo specialized in producing the amazing audio ear candy known to many as the “mashup”. Mixing various forms Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Rock and Techno, The Hood Internet creates a clean blend of sounds that can be enjoyed by everyone. I especially enjoy their minimalist approach -usually blending no more than three songs at a time – because it reduces the “WTH!?, who exactly am I listening to?????” confusion that sometimes can plague the art of mashup.

What’s even better, all of The Hood Internet’s mixtapes – a total of 18 since 2007 – can be downloaded FO FREE on their website http://www.thehoodinternet.com/

Did I mention they have a website that combines their two loves: Mexican food and music? Well, they do. At their website http://albumtacos.tumblr.com/ , the duo ABX (Aaron) and STV SLV (Steve) incorporate Mexican food into iconic album covers. Yeah.

And of course I saved the best news for last! The Hood Internet will be at BU Central tomorrow @ 9pm, FO FREE!!!!!!

Well enough out of me. I’ll let the music speak for its self.

❤ Music’s Girlfriend


R.Kelly VS Major Lazer -Ignition (Keep it Remixing Louder)

Lil Wanye VS Royksopp -Comfortable Up Here

Lauryn Hill VS Deadmau5 -Moar Doo Wop N Whatever


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