February 23, 2011

bucreese concert series?

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This year so far has just been a jumble of live shows.  Well, not yet it hasn’t, but it’s about to get crazy.  I can barely keep things straight (not saying much) and I keep confusing which bands I’m seeing which days, but I am positive that I’m seeing U.S. Royalty tomorrow at the Brighton Music Hall–which means more live videos! Also, after consulting my iCal,I know that I’m seeing the Low Anthem on March 4 at the Old South Church and then again on the 12 at the abandoned pasta sauce factory where they recorded the album? What? Anyways, the point is that the acoustics at both venues will be great, which means…live videos!

Anyways, while I don’t have anything yet from any of the aforementioned shows, I do have some tracks to lay down for you:

US Royalty, “Equestrian”

I’m kind of hoping they play this.  It’d be great live, right? The vocals are solid, and they’ve got a very comfortable groove going on between the bass and drums and guitar, and the parts where they have just the vocals without the instruments for a second are perfectly placed.  Is anyone else reminded of Santana a little bit by the guitar riff? Maybe? No? Okay. If you’re looking for a bit more of them, the show tomorrow is only $10, and they’re on myspace.

Moving on, the Low Anthem!
Seeing them in two awesomely unique venues, also pretty cheap shows.  You may have heard the song I’m about to post (“This God Damned House”), and I might have to post it again, because if they play it in either place (church or abandoned pasta sauce factory…again, what?) I’m pretty sure the echoing will make this all the more haunting.  The simplicity is what makes it, I think–nothing fancy, just some subtle unidentifiable instruments and a kind of dry-sounding voice (but not in a bad way).  According to Wikipedia, trustworthy source of all things interesting and odd, the song I’m posting is a “staple” of their live performances; it was written by a former band member who “left the band to pursue simple living in a yurt in Arkansas”*.  Which makes it all the more awesome. Also, their site is really well designed and they’ve got great album artwork.

“This God Damned House”

That’s it for this week.  Thanks for reading! Check back next week for videos!


*This is a yurt (taken from here).


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