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Not much is more personally fulfilling than discovering an obscure indie band all on your own. You may pride yourself on the find and make it your life’s goal to spread the word around about your new band. But, as with anything obscure, there is a high tendency that the band will completely disappear from your life without a moment’s notice.

Let’s examine some prime examples of the phenomenon.

The Virgins released their first EP back in 2007 and automatically shot to the top of countless buzz lists. That entire EP served as the soundtrack to an early episode of Gossip Girl, which increased their exposure tenfold. Before the pop-skewing indie rock band put out their debut album in mid-2008, they even played BU Central as the openers for Ra Ra Riot. Here’s the band playing one of my top favorite songs in the history of ever, “Fernando Pando,” which is straight off their debut.

For about a year after the album’s release, The Virgins toured around the country and hit up a bunch of festivals. They seemed to really be building upon their success and then….well, they disappeared. According to Wikipedia, the band is hard at work in Manhattan on a second LP, but I’ll believe it when I see a press release or a blog post or a new song or ANYTHING. I just want to know if the band is still alive. I’d really like to know that.

The Clik Clik was a short-lived UK band that defied conventions. They infused their music with hip-hop, funk, pop, and indie. Every single one of the very few they released oozed youthful catchiness, especially this should-be classic, “Did You Wrong.” Again, this is one of my favorite songs. Ever.

Six months after the video’s release, the band had broken up. I was devastated. Frontman Stefan Abingdon eventually went on to massive success with his music/comedy trio, The Midnight Beast (a band I’ll probably write about soon). Frontwoman Maya Yianni went on to virtually nothing music-related, as far the Internet can tell. A band with so much promise calling it quits before they achieve world domination. Truly tragic.



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