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Spring break is so close I can taste it! Oh wait never mind… I just forgot to brush my teeth this morning. Nevertheless, today is the LAST DAY OF THESE GODFORSAKEN CLASSES and tomorrow is the start of a much needed (IMHO) break. I’m not quite as lucky as those people who get to go somewhere warm, but I still can not wait for this break to start.

Of course I am excited to see my family and I’m excited to not have a ton of work I need to do every night, but there is one thing about spring break that I love: Sleeping! This is absolutely the best part of not having responsibilities. Especially after a week of midterms where I average about 2-3 hrs of sleep every other night. So, in the spirit of not having to set my alarm for a whole week, I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite songs to fall asleep to.

5) Nine Inch Nails – Hurt

Kind of a sad song, but its really nice to listen to when trying to relax. Trent’s whisper/singing always knocks me out when I’m laying in bed. Just be sure to fall asleep before that loud power chord at the end…


4) Bassnectar – Timestrech

Lots of synthesizer-y goodness in this one. I always find myself starting to nod off when I listen to this song during the day. Never fails at night


3) Nujabes – Counting Stars

This guy (real name is Seba Jun) is a Japanese producer / DJ. He recorded this one with Michelle Malone, a singer/songwriter. All his songs are like this – perfect for nap time – but this one is my favorite!


2) Giovanni Sollima – Sogno ad Occhi Aperti (Daydream) PART 1

So this guy is an Italian cellist and he pretty much rocks. The video for this song was filmed and directed by Lasse Gjertsen (better known as Lassegg who you might have seen in this youtube video). His videos are all pretty awesome and this one is no different. Note: there is a part 2 to Songo ad Occhi Aperti (which means Dream with Open Eyes), but it is not the best to sleep to.

1) Maxence Cyrin – Where is My Mind (Pixies cover)

The original song is actually a pretty good song to fall asleep to, but listen to it played on a piano and it feels like you ate a whole turkey and a handful of sleeping pills.


Have a wonderful break everybody! I’ll see you when we all get back.
Good fight, good night!


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