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Yelle makes my life. Unconventionally-named band members Yelle, GrandMarnier, and Tepr make up the popular French band and consistently create incredible pop music that skews dance and electro. It’s virtually impossible to listen to their music without swaying your hips and flailing every single one of your limbs. Their beats are irresistible.

My skills in the French language are considerably lacking, which allows me to ignore the actual lyrical content and focus on how hardcore I’m dancing. Previous online research has led to the discovery that Yelle’s lyrics are RIDICULOUSLY dirty and provocative…I have no issues with that.

After the release of their 2007 debut Pop Up, the band fell off the radar for a bit. Their widespread popularity throughout Europe was accompanied by a notable following in America, but it faded as several years passed with no new music. FINALLY they’ve released their second album, Safari Disco Club, and it lives up to everything I could have hoped for. Here’s the double-music video they released last month for the album’s first two tracks, “Safari Disco Club” and “Que veux-tu.” It’s highly amusing and beautiful and colorful and amazing.


Yelle plays Royale Boston on April 29th, which I’m ridiculously excited for. Can’t wait to dance hardcore to the sounds of Yelle with the rest of Boston!


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