March 30, 2011

Gilbert and Hedges

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I’ve said here before, and I’ll likely say it again: I’m a self-confessed guitar geek. And every now and then, I’ll rediscover a song or two that I used to love back in my practice-every-day-for-2-hours days back in high school. For some reason, two youtube vids I’ve had on repeat the past few days have been performances by Paul Gilbert and Michael Hedges. These guys are pretty far apart on the spectrum, with Paul Gilbert being one of the preeminent shredders out there, and Michael Hedges being a pioneer of the acoustic styles of modern guys like Andy McKee and Justin King. In “the Echo Song”, Paul Gilbert discovers a way to use a standard Boss delay pedal that can make nearly any straight eight note line sound totally bad-ass, while Michael Hedges “Aerial Boundaries” is just an awesome display of musicianship in a bunch of ways. Check them out:
Paul Gilbert:

Michael Hedges (Song starts around 3:00):


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