So hopefully you’re in the calm before the storm part of the semester because this week is an amazing week of shows around the Boston area.

First up tonight the Black Lips are playing at the Paradise Rock Club, my favorite concert venue in Boston. The Black Lips, a punk band from Atlanta, are known for their antics during live shows which include but aren’t limited to RC Car races and flaming guitars. Here’s a tame appearance to give you a taste of their sound:

On Saturday is TV On the Radio at the House of Blues. Though I haven’t gotten to take a listen TVOTR just released their fifth album, “Nine Types of Light”. Coming off a top 15 hit on the US Charts (whatever that means today) I expect good things from this album and so far that’s all I’ve heard. Even years later I still can’t stop listening to “Wolf Like Me”:

Monday is a nice change of pace with Raekwon, a.k.a. the Chef,  from Wu-Tang coming to the Middle East. As a native Staten Islander I gotta rep that Shaolin pride! If you haven’t heard it I suggest you check out his solo album “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. II”.

Finally on Wednesday, Hitler’s birthday, celebrate with a rare performance from Jeff Mangum, the lead singer of Neutral Milk Hotel who had a nervous breakdown. While he may not be emotionally stable Jeff Mangum was central to two of the greatest albums ever. Including “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea”, an album loosely based on the story of Anne Frank.


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