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The Internet almost broke on Friday, April 15.

A short low-quality clip of Lady Gaga‘s upcoming single, “Judas,” was leaked online and immediately spread like wildfire. Originally scheduled to be released on April 19, the clip had fans clamoring for more and Gaga responded by releasing the song to iTunes later that day.

The results of the unending hype? A potential classic pop song driven by an incredibly danceable beat. Musically, it evokes a feeling of “Bad Romance 2.0.” I’ve never been one to spend much time analyzing lyrics, but the song successfully straddles the line between catchy and random. The chorus is simple to learn and there’s still a bizzarre bridge to laugh at when she says, “Judas kiss me if offenced or wear ear condom next time.”

Gaga herself recently co-directed the music video for the single with master choreographer Laurieann Gibson, though a timetable for its release is currently unknown. The track’s source album, Born This Way, drops May 23.

Almost as soon as the track hit the Internet, covers started appearing all over the place. I came across this one yesterday and was stunned at how it manages to reinvent the song as a keyboard-led masterpiece. It’s too bad artist Mitch Moffit has no other videos that showcase his talent at the level he exhibits in this video, but it doesn’t take away any of the brilliance of this particular YouTube cover. Watch and enjoy!


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