April 27, 2011

Infix Day

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So today’s LX340: Language Myths lecture was so interesting that I have to post about it. We discussed linguistic tendencies of non-standard varieties of English–specifically, Ebonics–in terms of infixing, which is when you put a sound or word in the middle of another word (similar to prefixes or suffixes, but in instead of before or after).  Examples: “absofuckinglutely”, “saxomophone” (from the Simpsons).

Still with me?

So [IZ] infixing is Snoop Dogg’s specialty, as evidenced in his 1993 masterpiece of vulgarity and explicitness, “Tha Shiznit”, on his punnily named album Doggystyle.  Right.  Anyways, I won’t post it because it’s really that terrible, but in it he names “Dr. Dr[iz]e”, tells us to “l[iz]ay” and “pl[iz]ay” with “D O double G[iz]ee”.  However, apparently he wasn’t the first to implement [iz] infixing in hip-hop.  Ready for a throwback?

Doesn’t that just make you want to dance like Carlton, Fresh-Prince style? (Skip to 0:30 here) Thank you, Frankie Smith, for giving us [iz] infixes.

And thank you Kanye, for keeping them alive.

Happy Wednesday!


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