June 14, 2011

Happy Summer!


Special note:  If you have an idea of an up and coming artist or comedian that you want to see live on the BU Central stage, email us (or post on our facebook/tweet at us/comment on this post/send smoke signals).

I figured a little summer playlist would be fun. Here’s a few songs that I just can’t get out of my head. Note: Play all of these really loud

Cults – Go Outside
The whole album is wicked catchy, check it out!
Think indie pop meets 1950s “Under the Sea” prom.

Chiddy Bang – Heatwave
new Chiddy! new Chiddy! p.s. you can download the whole new mixtape here

XV – The Last Hero
I love this guy.

Jennifer Lopez – On the Floor
laaa laa laa laa lalalalaalala (on repeat)

I apologize in advance for how long one or more of these songs will be stuck in your head. Enjoy! Check back each week for new posts.

– Amanda


Join the conversation! 1 Comment

  1. You guys should schedule some good pop punk bands to play such as:

    the wonder years
    with the punches
    transit (local to boston)
    four year strong
    man overboard



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