By now, if you haven’t already spent a full workday on the site, you’ve probably at least heard of Launched just a few short months ago, the popular music community website is gaining more and more members and buzz every day. This site is not only the perfect distraction, but also an awesome way to share and discover new music.

New to Here’s how it works: After signing up via Facebook or Twitter, you’re presented with a list of rooms ranging from 90’s themed to Dubstep to my personal favorite, Indie While You Work. Have friends already on the site? The rooms they are listening in appear at the top of your list. If you’re in the mood for something different than you see, create your own room and invite your friends. Once you choose your room, you’re entered as a crowd member. If you like what you hear, click like. Your avatar’s head will start to do an adorable bob back and forth to support the current DJ. Don’t like it at all? Hit dislike. If enough people choose this option, the next DJ will automatically begin playing the next song in their queue. Did I mention the adorable avatars and crisp graphics? When you’re able to claim one of the five coveted DJ spots, you have the option to upload your own music from your computer or browse the turntable library.

With connectivity to iTunes,, Facebook, Twitter, and the new, buzzworthy Spotify, this website is quickly becoming the best online music community. Even musicians are catching on to the trend, like Diplo who previewed new Major Lazer tracks on the site just a few weeks ago. Companies ranging from music blogs (local Allston Pudding and Consequence of Sound) to large Advertising Agencies (Arnold Worldwide) create rooms on a regular basis to share what they are listening to.

Maybe BU Central will have a regular room once school begins… Stay tuned


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